aniq muqri mohammad Diterbitkan 5 August 2019



A story for those who want to GIVE UP.

Chapter 1.

“Weee are the chaampioon, my friend”

The song was coming from the radio –

You were driving a car,

Head straight path to find a cake that you were craving for a long time.

Now we have arrive at the Patient Cafe.

“I want this, a piece of cheese cake please”

5 minutes later,

came a waiter-

-walking to you

 and brought a spatula, a bowl, a pack of flour, a little bit of sugar and other ingredient including cheese.

“Here your order sir”

Without explain any points, he went away with a big smile on the face.

End of story-


what are your feeling right now if you are that person ?

You maybe mad or confious and asking why?

Or maybe you feel you have been fooled by the waiter?

Now we begin the important part,

Right now please take a moment – breath feel the air through your nose. RELAX your mind.

Sometime we ask for the cake, but didn’t get what we really want.

 He gave you spatula and a bowl also a flour because He want you to prepare the cake by yourself, you get it ?

Its seem like a bit nonsense right? 

He want you to be a STRONG person,

He want you to be CREATIVE,

He want you to be MORE DETERMINE,

The almighty god knows better for you.

What happen if He directly send you the cake,

 maybe you happy but you have MISS plenty of lesson that could change your life. That could make a BEST VERSION OF YOU. You will be more grateful and felt so delight after you facinng challenging way to get waht you want.

Now you started getting the point.

My friends, we are on the road to success. We don’t know what is infront that waiting for us.

Be patient.

Your heart may keep asking and rebel, why this happen to me?

I see my friend’s life is more lucky 

Here’s the key,

The plan is different for everyone.

We may plan our destination to go to A – B – C 

We started at A and then smoothly go to B,

We wrote down and plan it well,

But seem it didn’t go so well right?

He know what is BETTER plan for you,

You may not start at A, you can start at C 

If you keep moving and moving you will reach to that destination. Soon or sooner,

The dream, Goals.

Do not compete with others, it is about yourself, your fight, your journey.

Some may have go to school, getting a degree, get a job and retire when the time come.

Some may not go to school, or may not get a degree yet in the end got to be a boss or a leader.

Thank god we had plenty of examples of successful person trough these decades-

-you know their name, one of them is Bill Gates.

Have plan, Have patient, Have faith, 

Keep Moving.

Take a comfortable chair and sit, ask yourself what is success mean to you?

What the cost that I would have to pay to get the “cake”?

Do I really want it ?

Do I really want to change my life?

If yes, grab the “spatula” go make it happen !