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“Am I doing right, or I got anxiety?”

“Am I doing right, or I got anxiety?”

Do you ever wonder that you got mental or anxiety disorders?

I felt like I’m usually felt anxiety and sadness overwhelming me in some sort of period, or somehow affected in everything that I do! Am I going to be a patient of psychiatrists?

Let me begin with psychological disorders. Psychological disorders have many types and in many ways of happening. There are different types of events that can trigger it from oneself. Briefly, I would go through one by one. 

  • The most common, Generalized Anxiety Disorders a.k.a. GAD.
    GAD usually started with the frequent, continuous, and exaggerated worries of oneself. He/she could be worrying about things way too much. 
  • Panic Disorder (PD) which the one that happened and triggered oneself to be panic. THIS IS NOT USUAL PANIC that we have encountered in our daily life. It will be detected through the rapid heart rate, difficulty in breathing, etc. Or in other words (you might have to do your own research in the new tab Hyperventilation, Agoraphobia, and Social Phobia).
  • Whereas, Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD) might usually common to all generations which people might stereotype it as being “TOO CLEAN AND NEAT”. Which absolutely WRONG. OCD is the combination of obsession (doing thing repeatingly), and compulsion (where it is a must.  Constraint. Can’t leave it like that). It is really heavy for the person that have OCD because the high doubts of his own memory. [In malay could say it penyakit was-was]
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  • Moreover, the most hyper psychological disorder is Schizophrenia. It is not so common but also not so unfamous. Schizoprenia usually would be known with hallucinations, delusions, disorganized speech and thoughts, movement disorders, and loss of normal emotional responses and social behaviours. After all, it is obligated to be determined as schizophrenia by including the first three charachteristics AND at least two of five overall. 
  • Last but not least, the Bipolar Disorder a.k.a manic dipression. This one is a little bit contrast to the other disorder because it is definitely opposite. It is triggered by the person being constantly active, often irritable , and having mood extreme. The bipolar disorder effected from depression that brings you to hopelessness, losing interest and losing pleasure from doing anything.

These things are different from Phobia (basically also a psychological disorder), it is when a person facing an extreme fear. The fear would interfere with the person’s normal living and can cause trembling when facing it. 

Nevertheless, these are only the basic knowledge of psychological disorders whereby, we must seek a psychiatrist to do an examination on us. 

What is a psychiatrist? What they are, types, and more

Well, everyone has anxiety, worries, moody time, etc. But, not all people could overcome it perfectly, partially, or even a bit of it. No matter what it is, we are fighters. WE MUST FIGHT!

Altogether, I am also one of you for those who don’t know yet if we have any psychological disorders. However, even so. I know, believe, and confident that I am doing good. 

Because there is the existence of DEFENSE MECHANISMS AGAINST ANXIETY; that is used daily and keep me on track every day, every minute, and every moment of my life; which I wanted to tell you on my next article. Stay Tuned!

[It is also used to help us prevent ourselves from malicious things]