Hopping Your Way to a Delightful Feast — Presenting the CookX Lunar New Year Menu
January 19, 2020 nisha-ganasen
  • The CNY ecopack introduces a festive menu by Chef Dong, the newest member of CookX’s ambassador line-up.
  • CNY series was produced in collaboration with Beacon Mart, Malaysia’s one-stop healthy food mart chain
Chef Dong with one of the Chinese New Year Dishes

In case the in-store decorations ushering in prosperity and good fortune, and those cheerful songs playing over speakers at shopping malls haven’t clued you in, Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and with it comes one of the most important parts of the festival — the reunion dinner! 

To celebrate this festive season, CookX Asia, the all-in-one social cooking app, has introduced the newest member of its ambassador line-up, Chef Dong, a seasoned chef who specialises in Hook Chiew- style cooking,and a new collaboration with Beacon Mart, Malaysia’s one-stop healthy food mart chain. This has resulted in a new Chinese New Year menu with a “HUAT & FRESH 兔 COOK” feast that’s sure to deliver plenty of ONG straight  Tù you, with the Chinese New Year ecopack!

Utilising CookX Asia’s signature style of fresh pre-portioned ingredients coupled with detailed recipes and instructional cooking videos, the new CNY ecopack series features 6 different recipes carefully curated by Chef TK Dong. The CNY ecopack contains everything you need to take your reunion dinner to the next level — with recipes that bring together the best of the Chinese New Year tradition with a Malaysian twist.

Mia Wong, Chief Product Officer, CookX Asia, shares “Chef TK Dong is well-known for his culinary skills, and he showcases them to the max here — he’s curated an amazing menu for the Chinese New Year ecopack, and our CookX members can look forward to preparing a meal which will tantalise the taste buds for all the family!”

Some of Chef Dong’s recipes in the Chinese New Year ecopack.

Among Chef Dong’s recipes in the Chinese New Year ecopack are the traditional two dishes of whole fish — (, or Yú, which is pronounced similarly to the Chinese word for abundance ) — Steamed Pomfret, which features fresh pomfret from Beacon Mart steamed with delicious sauce, and Portuguese Steamed Fish. Other dishes featured on the menu include three types of chicken dishes in the form of Herbal Chicken Soup, Lemon Hand Shredded Chicken, Potato Curry Chicken, and to round it up, a dessert of Jujube Millet Tong Sui, which serves as an anti-ageing dish, that also improves eye health and intestinal digestion.

A chef with 21 years of experience (and counting), Chef Dong is no stranger to the medley of flavours behind Chinese New Year meals. A native of Sibu, Sarawak, Chef Dong grew up with a lot of exposure to the Hook Chiew or Fuzhou style of cooking, one of the four traditional styles of Fujian cooking, which heavily features light, flavourful foods, with an emphasis on sweet and sour flavours. Operating several successful cafes in Kuala Lumpur and East Malaysia, he has also made his mark in Singapore, Guang Zhou, Shen Zhen and Shanghai with his famous Hookchew culinary skills and has made several appearances on Malaysia TV food programs.

The reunion dinner is more than just a celebration, it’s the family coming together and setting the tone for the year to come while spending time with one another,” shared Chef Dong, Brand Ambassador, CookX Asia, adding “It was important to me that I found a way to balance the requirements of the traditional dinner, such as the whole fish dishes while adding the Malaysian element — I think we have managed to achieve that with the right mix of ingredients and flavours, and I’m glad. I hope our customers will enjoy these recipes as much as we enjoyed creating them.”

Of course, you can’t have a Chinese New Year dinner without using the freshest, and the healthiest of ingredients, and here’s where Beacon Mart comes in! Partnering with CookX Asia, Beacon Mart, Malaysia’s one-stop healthy food mart chain, ensures that customers will be working with the finest of ingredients in preparing their Chinese New Year meal, supplying the fish, poultry and everything in between. Also included in CookX Asia’s CNY ecopack are free – CookX-logo angpaos.