Purpose Of Life
November 10, 2020 Daniel

Purpose Of Life

What is the purpose of this life?

In Islam, of course we shall do what Allah told to us do so that we can live in eternal happiness and bliss in Paradise.

Am I ready to face death? 

No, i’m not. A lot of sins must be atone first and fulfill the five pillars of Islam. 

But am i start doing something? Nope. 

Still chasing all the worldly happiness and pleasures. 

Still confident with the knowledge that has been learned years ago about Islam. Although the solat fardhu always been done and recite surah smoothly, but forgot all the tajwid and meaning of the surah. As long as the sound when recite it right but the tajwid didn’t care at all. Quran didn’t read for years. 

What was the point family sent to the Tahfiz class at the young age but didn’t practice it when grow up. 

Only seek Allah when in hard situation and seek Allah for wealth of the world. 

What are we waiting for? Start making amends and seek forgiveness from Allah before it’s too late.