Rewards in A Single Scan: OneWayLoyalty Introduces Easy-Build, QR Code-Based Loyalty Programmes for Businesses
May 26, 2020 Mimi_Wahida

Kuala Lumpur, 18 May 2023 —Asia Pacific’s emerging and innovative loyalty rewards program platform Web123 is simplifying consumer loyalty experience with its QR code-based rewards platform, OneWayLoyalty. The platform allows businesses to easily build digital rewards programmes through a single platform, without the need to integrate additional software or modify their current transactional model.

The platform’s unique workflow has three modules: membership, rewards, and marketing. Scalable to match the needs of physical and online businesses of different sizes, merchants can choose among four packages and create a fully customisable loyalty programme with unlimited rewards that can be set. This extends to personalised rewards, such as birthday month bonuses or limited-time exclusives. Additionally, two membership tier options are available, with the multi-tier option catering for exclusive rewards such as VIP benefits.

In turn, this allows merchants to easily and seamlessly onboard customers to their loyalty ecosystem. Users simply need to scan the merchant’s QR code to collect reward points, which can be collected both at brick-and-mortar or on online stores. They can also provide feedback and refer friends within the same interface.

With omnichannel touchpoints and incentives becoming vital for brands to build long-term consumer relationships, it was important to us that we simplify the process of setting up merchant rewards programmes. OneWayLoyalty eliminates unnecessary layers and puts ease-of-use first, so that we can give Malaysian businesses — especially small and medium-sized ones — a leg-up in the race for customer loyalty,” says Edward Cham, CEO of Web 123.

OneWayLoyalty also serves as a digital communication platform that has robust features to help merchants build a stronger customer database and improve retention. With free SMS credits provided as part of the platform, they can send reminders, notifications, or even automated marketing messages and emails, giving campaigns a boost at zero additional cost.

“Databases are extremely valuable because they open up direct access to customer conversion, without the need for ‘middle men’ like social media or physical pamphlets,” adds Edward. “OneWayLoyalty complements this by combining two of the most powerful marketing tools — personalised communication and customer rewards — to attract and retain a loyal customer base.”

The platform has recently integrated with StoreHub, further simplifying the point collection system to eliminate the need to scan for customers for merchants who prefer to automate the system. It also has other one-click integration options with a variety of external business services, such as EasyStore, Shopify, MailChimp, and the point-of-sales system Loyverse.

With over 4,600 members already registered with the platform, OneWayLoyalty has seen significant growth since its launch, with an average monthly user growth rate of four per cent. The brand is currently supporting up-and-coming homegrown enterprises like DryShirt Malaysia, Bocah Barbershop, British Circle Malaysia, TCO, Tonik Asia Group, and Serdang Cendol.

OneWayLoyalty is available for a yearly fee, starting from RM899. To sign up for a free trial, please visit:

About OneWayLoyalty

OneWayLoyalty is a centralised platform that enables businesses to create fully customised loyalty programmes, send targeted messaging campaigns, and grow a membership ecosystem with zero installations. With a focus on user friendliness, the platform also provides optional integrations for digital business services, helping brands grow their customer base and ultimately drive business growth through sustainable customer relationships. OneWayLoyalty is a flagship product under Web123.

About Web123

Web123 is a leading mobile solution provider in the Asia Pacific region, offering innovative solutions to help businesses streamline their mobile communication needs. With over 15 years of experience, Web123 has successfully assisted businesses in meeting versatile mobile communication needs, providing industry-standard solutions that are suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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