Utility Superhero Amps Up Malaysia’s Flood Prevention Through Fixing The Drainage System
January 15, 2021 IrfanNaufal

KUALA LUMPUR, 16 JANUARY 2024 –  As of 2023, nearly 28,000 people have had to seek shelter at relief centres in Malaysia due to fast-rising waters causing mass flooding. With floods continuing to plague the nation throughout the years, it’s clear that more effort towards not just disaster relief, but flood prevention must be implemented. Utility maintenance and surveillance company, AL Pine Utility Services Sdn Bhd, has swooped in to lend their expertise towards flood mitigation initiatives.

AL Pine is planning to expand its Flood CSR Initiative to cover hotspot areas in Klang Valley, starting in April 2024, after an initial start in Johor in 2023. In the areas affected by the flood, they managed to fix a great deal of damage — prominently, in Skudai, AL Pine covered 1,135,808 m2 of hotspot areas, and in Kempas, they covered 964,263 m2 of the flood-affected areas. In

“Since our inception in 2007, pipeline inspections have been at the core of the business. At the heart of it all, we want to use our skills and know-how to help our fellow Malaysians for the long term,” says Mohamad Shahriq Abdullah, Founder of AL Pine. “For our part, we aim to help by establishing an exemplary drainage system nationwide, as currently we can see that Malaysia’s drains are in an extremely bad condition. This, in turn, we hope leads to the eventual prevention of mass flooding in the future.”

AL Pine’s approach is extremely comprehensive, including site visitations, reports based on pipeline inspections, and the crucial step of storm drain system cleaning and preparatory measures rehabilitation. Notably, several governmental representatives have expressed gratitude for the work that AL Pine has conducted so far.

Working with AL Pine was absolutely imperative for me, considering the excessive flooding in this particular constituency,” says Skudai’s Assemblyperson, YB Marina Ibrahim. “They worked with us to give us accurate flood-related data using the latest, most innovative technologies. In the most recently affected areas especially, this has been an ongoing issue with no real solution so far. We hope that through this collaboration, we’ll be able to see some lasting improvements.”

“For my part, I am always thinking about the best solutions to help the people of Kempas,” adds YB Datuk Haji Ramlee. “I sincerely hope that both my and AL Pine’s efforts will yield results for the comfort and safety of the people of Kempas.”