Malaysia’s Tech Education Space Takes Flight With Rocket Academy
January 16, 2021 josephlee

Rocket Academy is offering a scholarship opportunity to 10 deserving Malaysian candidates, including a substantial 70% discount on course fees


[From the left: Sam O’ Shaughnessy; Full-Time Instructor & Head of Bootcamp, Center (sitting) Kai Yuan Neo; Full-Time Instructor & CEO, Center, (standing) Foong; Head of Operations, from the right, Jillian; Head of Marketing]

Malaysia’s journey of digital transformation is reaching a fever pitch, with the Malaysian Digital Economy predicted to contribute 25.5% of Malaysia’s GDP by 2025. Additionally, with local job vacancies registering a year-on-year increase of 29.3%, this is the perfect moment for many professionals to jump into the tech industry — and here, Rocket Academy’s official entry into the Malaysian market plays a critical role. 

Rocket Academy is a Singaporean live-online coding bootcamp that aims to help career switchers and aspiring techies learn coding and get jobs as software engineers. It targets students from recent grads to seasoned working adults, and also provides tech skills courses to enterprises looking to upskill their workforces.

“More companies in Malaysia are looking to hire tech talent, leading to a talent crunch. Rocket Academy aims to address this, starting by training high-caliber software engineers here,” says Kai Yuan Neo, Chief Executive Officer of Rocket Academy. “As Malaysia and Singapore have always been closely related, we hope the lessons we have learnt training tech talent in Singapore will also be relevant to training tech talent in Malaysia. Ultimately, our goal is to help foster a thriving tech community in Malaysia for the coming years.”

While Rocket Academy already has a free introductory coding course for beginners, its inclusivity and scholarship programme will provide a substantial 70% discount on their  coding bootcamp course fees to ten worthy Malaysian applicants to help them change careers and become software engineers. Through this, Rocket Academy aims to empower these deserving individuals in their educational and career switching journeys, which will also allow them to address the hiring demand for trained tech talent in Malaysia. 

“Personally, we are expanding our engineering hub in Kuala Lumpur and are eager to provide exciting growth opportunities to local talent,” explains Nino Ulsamer, Co-founder and CTO of Stashaway. “It has, however, been difficult to find candidates that complement engineering skills with solid product and business understanding, which is why we would love to see more career-switchers from coding schools apply for our openings.”

So far, Rocket Academy has trained more than 1,500 people in coding, and notably, Rocket Academy has helped more than 200 people shift their career paths towards primarily software engineering. In fact, its students gain exclusive access to valuable networking opportunities with industry professionals, as well as comprehensive interview preparation resources. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that over 90% of Rocket Academy’s job-seeking Bootcamp alumni have received job offers within six months from leading tech companies — including the likes of Grab, UBS, and Ninja Van — advancing their tech careers much faster than through traditional means.

In the end, Rocket Academy distinguishes itself as a unique platform for career growth in technology. With their curriculum-focus on job-relevant skills as well as their screened, high-caliber teachers, students can rest assured that their tech skills will skyrocket. For more general information, head to, and for interested applicants and media representatives, check out the scholarship page directly at for detailed information about the programme.