Rev Up Your AC, Not The Planet: Introducing Teratech Kool Coat from Automotive Synergy
April 24, 2021 IrfanNaufal

[Image Caption: Beat the heat with Teratech Kool Coat]

Kuala Lumpur, 16 April 2024 –  As Earth Day approaches this 22 April, Malaysia is witnessing the effects of the changing environment firsthand, with a worsening heatwave on the horizon. In fact, average temperatures are leaning dangerously close to 40 degrees every day and various efforts have been deployed to help Malaysians endure the extreme heat. For award-winning automotive care and navigation systems company, Automotive Synergy, they have decided to contribute by moving into the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) space and introducing the new Teratech Kool Coat – the most ideal air cooling solution to beat the heat and save energy costs. 

While air-conditioners provide instant relief from the Malaysian weather, unfortunately, they contribute about 4% of global greenhouse gases – double the amount of carbon emissions from the entire aviation industry. Automotive Synergy aims to provide a sustainable solution to this burgeoning problem with Teratech Kool Coat’s state-of-the-art heat-deflecting technology. Its superior coating protects air conditioner compressors by reducing interior heat and preventing heat soaks on their surfaces. This results in a significant reduction of overheating risks and improves the air conditioner’s cooling efficiency, ultimately keeping us cooler as well. 

[Image Caption: Unlocking Cool Comfort – Teratech Kool Coat Test Report Results]

Additionally, tests have also shown that the coating can save up to 70% power in  comparison to compressors without the coating. On a wider scale, this not only benefits the end-user, but also minimises carbon emissions – ensuring a cooler and more comfortable environment, it also leads to a significant reduction in electricity and energy consumption.  

Ian Sia, Founder of Automotive Synergy elaborates, “With the upcoming Earth Day, it is important for us to assess our dependence on ventilation and air conditioning, which is influenced by Malaysia’s generally hot weather. However, this kind of equipment has a high energy consumption rate and is often impacted by the heat, leading to issues of overheating for both man and machine. With the implementation of the Teratech Kool Coat, we can collectively do our part to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and save the environment.

With the introduction of the ≈, Automotive Synergy is looking to further drive environmental sustainability within Malaysia’s HVAC industry. “By embracing sustainable technology, we can collectively do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and create a better environment for all,” adds Sia.

Established 20 years ago, Automotive Synergy began in the satellite navigation system business before penetrating the automotive industry. They have since received international awards from Frost & Sullivan and developed vital export markets in India, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, USA, Japan, New Zealand and the Middle East. 

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