D’COEUR Harnesses the Power of nature with new DCURE Multi Proteins Hair Collagen Treatment
September 28, 2022 Hasna
The new DCURE Multi Proteins Hair Collagen Treatment

Kuala Lumpur, 28th September 2022 – Love having great-looking hair but hate the guilt that comes with using most haircare products that are animal keratin based? D’COEUR, the No. 1 Functional Hair Care brand in Southeast Asia, feels the same, and their new DCURE Multi Proteins Hair Collagen Treatment could be the answer. With the healing power of phytonutrients, the product that has been formulated in France will help you regain your healthy hair by nourishing the cuticles and strengthening and softening the hair.

Conventional keratin hair products use animal protein extracted from animal feathers, hair, horns, scales, shells and hooves, resulting in the death or disability of countless animals. As an international leading functional hair care brand, results are important to D’COEUR, but it always adheres to the mission of caring for nature and sustainable development and insists on 100% vegan formula and animal-free research and development. Even if the cost is more expensive, D’COEUR insists on taking practical actions to respond to the Cruelty-Free International (CFI, Cruelty-Free International) initiative for “cruelty-free”.

The Founder of D’COEUR Datin Yen Wei stated during the launch, “We understand that today’s generation wants it all – looking great, feeling great and all the while doing their part of the environment and animals. This is what our new Hair Collagen Treatment is all about – borrowing from nature’s apothecary with 3 types of amino acids that completely replaces harmful chemical ingredients and replenishes hair collagen. Real sustainability should continue to break through in a better direction, and D’COEUR is fortunate to break through this difficulty and bring the DCURE Multi Proteins Hair Collagen Treatment that we are proud of to the world.” 

The new product features a combination of proteins, amino acids, peptides and oligopeptides that produces a hydrolyzed collagen that can act as an antioxidant and fight damage caused by free radicals. The 18 plant-based proteins within the product offer many benefits such as promoting hair growth, retaining moisture in your strands, aiding the production of melanin and improving hair elasticity. On top of that, the 3 amino acids that were extracted from olive and chestnut trees help preserve hair colour, strengthening and accelerating hair growth. The DCURE Multi Proteins Hair Collagen Treatment also enhances hair gloss for shinier, fuller and smoother hair. 

The plant essence within the product gives the vibes of salon hair care treatment with an orange blossom scent to nourish the user’s hair while basking in summer comfort.

All of our products are free from phthalates, paraben, silicones and alcohol and cruelty. D’COEUR natural solution aims to achieve healthy, lustrous hair. This is a core principle of our business approach and product range. When it came to launching our latest product, we wanted this philosophy to be reflected in all aspects of the event.” added Joe Ang the Co-Founder of D’COEUR.

The launch event which was attended by multiple KOLs also featured scalp assessment booths with experienced consultants ready to provide explanations and advice on scalp health.  There was also a heavy theme of animal welfare to drive home the importance of animal cruelty-free products.

The one-day-only, Malaysia’s 1st Fragrance Museum exhibition capped off all the festivities. The exhibition featured an array of 16 different scents with details and in-depth stories behind them. The purpose of its establishment is to spread the culture of perfume, allowing more people to understand the history and classification of scent so that guests can find the fragrance that belongs to them. This is also D’COEUR’s contribution to perfume culture since its establishment, after sweeping the global market with D’COEUR Hair Perfume Treatment.

Reinventing beauty and being the necessities for every woman’s need, D’COEUR’s vision is to offer women around the world the best of beauty in terms of quality, efficacy, safety, sincerity and responsibility to satisfy all hair needs. In terms of social responsibility, D’COEUR does not forget to give practical donations and help in any emergency. D’COEUR can be seen lending a helping hand in the events of the epidemic, flood, and single-parent family relief. For the personal development of women, D’COEUR also gave the DCOUER Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund with a total amount of RM128,000 in 2017, so that women who are interested in the field of e-commerce can apply for the fund to obtain the support of the venture fund. Today, 5 years later, D’COEUR has launched the DCOUER Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund again, and this time the fund cap has been raised to RM500,000.

D’COEUR co-founder Joe Ang, expressed his expectations for D’COEUR LADIES, “D’COEUR was established because of the mission of women to influence women, so having a culture like DCOEUR LADIES is fortunate to be able to truly spread in the society, becoming synonymous with attentiveness, elegance, tenderness, and dignity, until Many people today can easily identify a DCOEUR LADIES. She hopes that DCOEUR LADIES can always keep this identity in mind, and should not be limited to the existence of pursuing interests and rights, but truly live as a woman with truth, goodness and beauty. Every DCOEUR LADIES is responsible for living their ideal life, showing their extraordinariness to the world, and letting more women see that they can also live their ideal life.

D’COEUR is No. 1 Functional Hair Care Brand,  which means “heart” in French, and the concept of managing with a heart is deeply imprinted in the brand culture. At the time of its establishment, D’COEUR has rapidly developed in many countries around the world. These include Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Australia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom. They are highly respected and loved by consumers and are ranked in the sales rankings of various categories in the high-end hair care market in Southeast Asia, it has consistently ranked first for many years. In addition, they are also the only Malaysian brands invited to participate in the BEAUTY UK EXPO 2022 international exhibition in the UK, and they are the most shining international stars among Malaysian brands. To experience the vegan and cruelty-free haircare products from D’COEUR, please visit


Established in 2017, D’COEUR is a world-leading French aristocratic brand focusing on creating an affordable collection of luxury haircare and styling products that would give everyone the chance to create modern, perfectly imperfect hair. At D’COEUR, we are motivated by the concept of “never forget why you started” to accomplish each D’COEUR’s mission. We consider a woman’s concerns and listen to their needs because D’COEUR is made for real women, by real women. We are committed to accompanying women on the road to self-worth, D’COEUR encouraged women to live their best lives.
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