Supplement Your Way to Good Health with Kombucha
October 14, 2022 Hasna
UNIIQ partners with health expert to build awareness and elevate health of Malaysian public

Pictured above: UNIIQ kombucha comes in 4 different delectable flavours

14 October 2022, Kuala Lumpur – On a mission to continue its pledge to improve the health and well-being of the public, UNIIQ, has collaborated with Dr. Vaidehi Ulaganathan, Head of the Nutrition and Wellness Programme of UCSI to build awareness and education around kombucha and its benefits.The increased effort on outreach and education comes on the heels of recent revelations by Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) that 95% of all Malaysian adults did not eat the recommended amount of vegetables and greens required daily. This has contributed to rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes, hypertension and anaemia.

Soon Teoh, Founder of UNIIQ

“Unfortunately, Malaysians continue to face a variety of medical and health challenges. There isn’t a one-size fits all solution here – as such comprehensive and holistic action is needed. But what we do believe is that there are small easy steps that everyone can take to move in the right direction. Kombucha is certainly one of them. Something as simple as taking a tasty and healthy drink daily can do wonders for your health and wellbeing,”

said Soon Teoh, Founder of UNIIQ, commenting on the importance of addressing Malaysia’s health concerns.

The collaboration kicks off with an in depth conversation with Dr. Vaidehi whose expertise lies in developing programmes on nutrition and wellness. Creating nutrition experts ensures that the greater population is equipped with the right knowledge to take charge of their health and establish healthy practices that contribute to the prevention of common diseases. UNIIQ’s conversation with nutrition expert Dr. Vaidehi centres around the primary and secondary benefits of kombucha with an emphasis on the importance of probiotics and prebiotics.

Dr. Vaidehi believes that health issues that affect a large number of Malaysians like diabetes and certain heart conditions are caused by dietary and lifestyle factors. “Improving the function of one’s digestive system can reduce the risk of these conditions as it will ensure that the various organs in the human body are fueled by the appropriate nutrients. Opting to consume a probiotic rich supplement like kombucha vastly improves many aspects of one’s health as it has a great impact on an individual’s gut health.”

Kombucha is also viewed as an ideal supplement for relatively healthy individuals that are not currently medicated for any health issues. It operates as a preventative measure by helping the body function better thus reducing the risk of various commonly occurring health conditions.

“Our sedentary, stressful lives can really knock out the microbes in the gut which can then lead to a variety of health issues. Supplementing the healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut is absolutely vital to ensure that the body is able to absorb the necessary nutrients and support the rest of the body,” Dr. Vaidehi elaborated.

Meanwhile, individuals with diagnosed conditions that are being medicated need to consult their doctors prior to beginning any regime involving supplements like kombucha. This is to ensure that there are no negative reactions that can reduce the efficacy of the prescribed medication.

“We recommend kombucha be consumed in 4 oz servings before meals one to three times a day. As a supplement it is important to use kombucha appropriately to ensure that the body is able to make the most of the benefits,” Dr Vaidehi, added when speaking on the regular use of kombucha.

She further elaborated that drinking kombucha on an empty stomach ensures that more probiotics will make their way to the intestines where they can really get to work on breaking down food and helping the body absorb the right amount of nutrients.

Importantly through this collaboration UNIIQ and Dr. Vaidehi hope to drive home the message that a healthy gut offers so much more than just regular bowel movements and reduced bloating. They believe that the health of the gastrointestinal tract often sets the tone for the rest of the body. “While consuming the right foods is important, having the right balance of healthy bacteria in the gut is the only way the body can benefit from the food choices being made,” Soon emphasised.

In addition to being a good source of probiotics kombucha is also rich in antioxidants, a substance known for its ability to fend off cancer before it happens as well as conditions like multiple sclerosis.

The UNIIQ kombucha stands out in the market as the only kombucha in the market that contains prebiotics – 4,500mg of prebiotics is packed into each bottle providing consumers with a larger range of benefits compared to traditional kombucha. Consuming prebiotics will ensure that the body is able to maintain a balance of healthy bacteria in the gut by creating the necessary amounts to ensure that the body is well-fueled consistently for a longer period of time.

Prebiotics play an essential role in maintaining gut health. It primarily consists of dietary fibre that feeds the gut microbiome and ensures its healthy growth. While replenishing probiotics is important to improve gut health, consuming prebiotics ensures the body is able to maintain gut health.

UNIIQ’s kombucha comes in 4 different flavours – classic, calamansi, rose and passion fruit. The classic flavour contains the crowd-favourite sour vinegar taste that packs a refreshing punch. The calamansi flavour, on the other hand, presents the citrusy goodness of sweet lemon, lime, and orange. For those drinking the rose flavoured kombucha, they can expect a hint of elegant and romantic scents. Last but not least, the passion fruit kombucha brings out the pleasantly tangy and unique taste of the exotic fruit and is sure to stimulate your taste buds. All these delightful kombucha options by UNIIQ are Halal and MesTI certified as these have been brewed with the highest standard of quality control with inclusivity in mind.

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